In the last four years, our community has helped over 50 charities and social enterprises find tech enabled solutions to pressing social problems. We are widely acknowledged in Australia as one of the pioneers in this space. Our passionate changemakers and hackers come from every corner of the country. We're committed to finishing the work we start. Our unique combination of hackathons and smaller follow up events ensure that we get our solutions across the finish line and positively impact the wider community.

Coming to a RHoK event is a chance to see what good collaboration looks like. After years of iterating we've learned how to make the process run like a well oiled machine. Sometimes it can be complicated and  frustrating, but mostly it's fun, rewarding and makes a real difference. For many, we're a place to learn - not just coding, but business analysis, design, user experience skills and more. We encourage people from all walks of life, and with varying levels of skill sets and backgrounds to join us. 

Perhaps most importantly, RHoK is open by nature. Our processes are transparent, everything we make is open source, we're honest about our mistakes, and we celebrate our wins with the whole community. Come to one of our events... and see for yourself.