Hackathons are great petri dishes of learning. You meet extremely talented people with different skills and get to watch how they work. You learn how fast an experienced programmer can build a product from scratch, and what pivot/iterate/MVP really mean. You learn that it doesn’t need to be complicated, that talking to strangers in cafes is the best form of market research, and that stories are better than stats. You learn how much caffeine is still not enough caffeine. And you get a chance to make a real difference.
— Victoria Cullen (hack4good)

Contrary to popular belief, hackers aren't hoodie-wearing, motorbike-riding anarchists hell bent on bringing down the system. In fact, the word 'hack' in technology circles is more often used to describe a way of coming up with a creative solution to a tricky problem. That means you can hack software, hardware, a car, radio, a website, or even food. At RHoK we use technology to 'hack' social problems, which means we need a wide range of skills.

Data analysts
Project Managers


Social media gurus
Business analysts
Marketing experts

Visual artists
UX Ninjas

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