We are looking for ‘Goldilocks’ problems; they need to be small enough so that they can be progressed over a weekend, but large enough to make a real difference.
— Cal Founder, RHoK Australia Community Manager

RHoK works with grassroots non-profits, community groups and social enterprises that are working to deliver social impact projects for the greater good. Utilising the skills of talented technologists and creative thinkers we aim to realise projects that may otherwise not get developed to deliver benefit back to the community. 

We work closely with our changemakers in the lead up to the hackathon to make sure they have something which our hackers can readily take on. The solutions we create are open-source and our approach is lean and agile. 

If you think you have a problem or an initiative that you think may be suitable for us then get in touch! We may be able to help.