Info Night

Thursday 19th November

6:000pm - 7:30pm
Blue Chilli, 125 York St,

Sydney CBD


Are you thinking of coming along to this year's RHoK Sydney summer hackathon, or do you just want to find out what RHoK is all about? This is a chance to find out who we are, what we do and how we can all do our little bit to hack for humanity. We'll also be introducing our new changemakers for the upcoming summer hackathon.

And we'll be explaining how the RHoK community needs a wide variety of skillsets - from coding to design, to BA work and marketing and social media. The event lasts for an hour, followed by drinks, food and a chance to hang out and meet fellow technologists. If you're an established member of the community and want to re-connect, or a new person looking to find out what we are all about, this is the ideal night to join us.


Summer Hackathon

28th and 29th November

8:00am - 5:00pm
Blue Chilli, 125 York St,
Sydney CBD


This summer, individuals and groups from around Australia will be joining in to hack for humanity. If you're in Sydney it would be great to see you at the RHoK Sydney event. 

We're looking for 'hackers' who are passionate about technology. They have varied skills and backgrounds including software developers, business analysts and graphic designers. 

Our hackers will be working with changemakers from the community who are working to solve a problem, and have a vision for how technology can help reach their goals. 

Our goal is to bring organisations that have a social impact together with skilled technologists who want to make a difference, in an environment ideal for collaboration and innovation.