Accessible Australia

Who: Accessible Australia

When: Winter 2016

Where: Sydney

TripClusive helps people with a disability travel with confidence, autonomy and peace of mind. We do this primarily through a web-based platform where users can filter tourism venues and attractions, based on their type of disability. Using updated information, this saves people with a disability and their support people, time, money and energy. The platform additionally acts as a community and a portal for businesses to update their own information and as an accessible tourism resource.

Currently, after our first RHoK, we are working on a web and mobile prototype which will be based purely for people with a physical disability in NSW through RHoLLs and potentially another hack. Random Hacks of Kindness has been instrumental in getting TripClusive to where it's at today.

The RHoK team and the incredible group of volunteers who showed up were not only incredibly supportive of our idea but also were fantastic during the weekend and beyond helping us to turn our idea into a reality.