Alannah and Madeline Foundation

Who: The Alannah and Madeleine Foundation

When: December 2014

Where: Melbourne



The Alannah and Madeleine Foundation (AMF) is a national charity with the belief that all children should have a safe and happy childhood without being subjected to any form of violence. RHoK helped the AMF at the Melbourne Summer 2014 Hackathon with the design and launch of the eSmart Digital Licence, an online challenge which uses quizzes, videos and games to prepare Australian children (aged ten and over) to be smart, safe and responsible digital citizens.

At the Melbourne 2014 Summer Hackathon RHoK volunteers assisted with the design and user flow to ensure that the product reached its full potential. The Digital Licence was made available to every grade 6 student in Australia in 2015 - almost 300,000 children. The free licences can be accessed by grade 6 teachers from the Digital Licence website.