Darcy Street Project

Who: Darcy Street Project

When: Summer 2015

Where: Western Sydney

Code: https://github.com/RHendery/BaristaMentor/commits/master

Darcy St Project is a Parramatta based social enterprise that runs barista and coffee brewing training to the long-term unemployed. Western Sydney is a difficult place for young people looking to find work. The project was looking to build an app that assists with training, a kind of 'barista mentor' that helps people not only with the technicalities of making coffee, but also how to get ready for the hospitality job market. 

The team ended up with a working on a first prototype of an app (Barista Mentor) for training people from vulnerable populations in the basics of the theory they will need to get work in cafes. It emphasises video and interactive, gamified learning and social sharing.