First Stop

Who: First Stop

When: June 2014 & December 2014

Where: Sydney



In 2013, during the exceptionally dry fire season in the rural towns scattered across the iconic rolling hills that sit outside of Sydney, 200 hundred homes were lost to a bush fire that tore through their community. Stories of the heroism and hard work of the emergency responders and volunteers were broadcast all over the news. These efforts were multiplied by a wide spread of organisations donating and sending volunteers. But it was clear to many that these efforts to help could be made more affective and less painful next time with a little brainstorming and work.

First Stop is an ongoing project that helps address some of these pain points. At its inception at the Sydney Winter Hackathon 2014 the team developed a registration system using a barcode printing application. At the Sydney Summer Hackathon 2014 the team added the capability of adding extra data fields to suit different agencies.