Who: FoodUP!

When: Summer 2015

Where: Melbourne



FoodUp! is community project based on a social enterprise model to create food conscious communities. We aim to create and empower urban centres to promote local food production, reduce food waste and develop community in their neighbourhoods. RHoK helped us at the Melbourne Summer 2015 Hackathon to design a minimum viable product and begin the app development process of our food sharing app.  Our app will help empower local and backyard growers of fruit and veggies to connect with individuals, food bank, cafes and businesses to ensure fresh food is redistributed and used throughout the community. In a nutshell, its "Facebook meets Tinder for Cabbages!".

At the Melbourne 2015 Summer Hackathon RHoK volunteers assisted with the design and user flow of our app and we were able to narrow down our app to a minimum viable product of only 6 screens! We also were able to start a website, listserve, and begin prototyping the app.