Who: i-Hive

When: June 2015

Where: Sydney

Code: https://github.com/RHoKAustralia/thehive-frontend

i-Hive is an amalgam of two projects that joined forces at the Sydney Winter 2015 Hackathon. 'iDiversity' provided a one-stop interactive directory of services in the community; while 'The Hive' sought to develop an easy-to-use app to enable residents of Mt Druitt to navigate their service system. Realising their projects had similar needs, they combined the talents of a group of amazing volunteers to make the best use of time and expertise which could benefit both groups of users.

At the hackathon, the team developed the back-end of the system and sketched out how the front-end might work. They've subsequently done a RHoLL where they discussed next steps, resources and a rough timeline to develop the front-end and user interface, connect the front-end to the backend, create a prototype and prospectively launch by the end of 2015!