Who: Janubeard

When: Winter 2016

Where: Sydney

Website: http://janubeard.org/

Beardometer web app: https://janubeard.herokuapp.com/

Janubeard is the world’s largest beard harmonisation event, with one unifying factor: respect and nurture of the beard for a month. It involves real men from all walks of life regardless of their culture, race, religion or beliefs. Janubeard took place for the first time in January 2016, with basically no budget, and a basic Website/ Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram presence.

The primary thing we worked on is the ‘Beardometer’, a web app that will allow users to share images of themselves ‘bearded up’, thereby changing the event from just a beard growing event for blokes, to an all inclusive event for women and children too. The Beardometer was originally intended to be mobile app based, but it turned out to be more than the team could achieve for both android and iPhone.

In the June weekend we also created a new logo and drafted a Marketing Plan.