Meet the New Joneses

Who: Meet the New Joneses

When: June 2015

Where: Melbourne


The New Joneses is a sustainability initiative to show everyday people how sustainable living can be both cool and easy. Each year, as part of the Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival, they put up an eco-cool, pop-up home that maximizes resources & minimise waste. Members of the public have an opportunity to see inside The New Joneses’ house, meet people living like The New Joneses and ask questions about how to live more fun, less wasteful lives.

At the Melbourne 2015 Winter Hackathon, a group of hackers helped changemaker Tamara DiMattina develop a new customer relationship management system. This was in response to one of her main problems - tracking and keeping in touch with visitors to the house so she could report back to sponsors. Tamara has subsequently taken the lessons she learned at the hackathon and incorporated them for the next Meet the New Joneses happening in early 2016.