Who: Ocius

When: December 2014

Where: Sydney

Website: http://ocius.com.au/


Ocius is a multi-award winning Australian marine research and technology company, working in conjunction with University of Wollongong and NSW's Steber International to deploy a fully autonomous unmanned surface vessel (USV) drone - called a BlueBottle. This drone lives at sea in all conditions using the energy on the ocean i.e. the wind, sun and waves to power itself and its sensors.

During the Sydney Summer 2014 Hackathon, the team led by Robert Dane (check out a profile we did of him) and Ninan Mathew, focused on making use of the sensor data that is collected by satellite communications. They developed a proof of concept website, UX flow and data management system so that different user groups could easily download or interact with the data being produced by the vessel. The work done by RHoK will be used to visualise data generated for the drone's maiden voyage around Lord Howe island.