Spur Projects

Who: Spur Projects

When: June 2016

Where: Brisbane

Website: oldmate.spurprojects.org

Code: https://github.com/spuradmin/oldmate

Men aged 80+ suicide at a rate twice the national average, but as a community we can change that: This is the ethos behind #oldmate a project to encourage 100,000 Australians to take a pledge to spend one hour per month with an Old Mate in their life. This simple hour can improve their self-esteem, skills and mental health, whilst reducing isolation and other factors that contribute to poor mental health and suicidality. 

Once the pledge is taken, the #OLDMATE website contains over 100 activities that actively breaks down contributing factors of suicide. 

#OLDMATE simply wouldn’t have happened without RHoK. We originally had an idea for an entirely different project, but through RHoK's enquiry and feedback process, the final concept and platform was more more relevant, specific and powerful. It was our first taste of a hackathon and we can’t sing RHoK’s praises highly enough. It was a fantastic experience that not only lead to a great project, but lasting, meaning connections, too.