The Beauty in Tech

Who: The Beauty of Tech

When: June 2015

Where: Sydney


The Beauty of Tech is an initiative to curate and aggregate as many useful resources as possible, to help encourage females to pursue technology as a career. From upcoming events to inspiring stories. From grass-roots meetups to training programs. It should all be in one place. As a group of individuals banding together, they are focussed on supporting the diversity and volume of the Australian technology talent pipeline. They hope to achieve this through encouraging a greater number of individuals to consider a career in technology, in particular, women.

The Beauty of Tech came to RHoK with an idea that was well thought out, but not yet built. At the Winter 2015 Hackathon in Sydney a group of amazing women (and a few men) came together to help hack that idea into something workable. The result is an ongoing experiment, and can be found at