Witness King Tides

Who: Witness King Tides

When: Summer 2013

Where: Melbourne

Website: http://photos.witnesskingtides.org

Code: https://github.com/RHoKAustralia/witnesskingtides-web

Witness King Tides is a citizen science project that helps us visualise the potential future impacts of sea level rise. When king tides hit, they ask coastal communities around Australia to head out and snap pics of local landmarks during the very high tide. These photos capture what Australia's coastal communities may look like in the future, as global sea levels rise. Together, these images build a picture of the threat posed by sea level rise across Australia and help track the future impact of climate change.

The Witness King Tides team has been working with RHoK Australia since the 2013 Melbourne summer hackathon. Thanks to a series of RHoLLs and another hackathon, the team has developed a new website and app that is far more user friendly and robust.