Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go is a Collective Impact project in Port Stephens that addresses school readiness and success of Aboriginal children in identified areas of vulnerability.

Due to a range of factors Aboriginal children are twice as likely to be developmentally vulnerable when starting school than their peers. A Collective Impact response brings together key stakeholders from across sectors who have the scope and drive to make real change at a systems level. The Smith Family is the Backbone organisation for Ready Set Go and is responsible for facilitating and promoting this collaboration as well as ensuring continuous communication and data collection.

In the June 2016 Hackathon a team of incredible technologists developed a website with a live feed and links to valuable resources and other Collective Impact projects. They also created a user guide for us so we are able to maintain the website with up to date info and track the number of visits etc. They also provided guidance on online collaboration platforms and project management tools that will be used within the Ready Set Go coalition.