Become a RHoK Changemaker

Twice a year we run weekend–long hackathons in five different locations across Australia. Over the course of 48 hours teams assemble around our Changemakers (non-profit organisations & social entrepreneurs) to work fast and furious, have fun, and create real social impact. If you are a charity, community group, social enterprise or individual involved with a problem that that could benefit from short-term professional technical, creative or business management-related help and advice, then we may be able to help.

Martina Clark, CEO and Founder of  Carer's Couch  working with hackers at the 2017 Melbourne Summer Hackathon.

Martina Clark, CEO and Founder of Carer's Couch working with hackers at the 2017 Melbourne Summer Hackathon.

We are looking for ‘Goldilocks’ problems; they need to be small enough so that they can be progressed over a weekend, but large enough to make a real difference.
— Eddie Chapman, RHoK Community Manager

What you get out of RHoK is a direct result of what you put in. Our most successful projects are the result of a lot of pre-work. Once we have accepted your application, we put you in touch with technologists, professionals and all-round superstars to help you really understand your problem and get an applicable tech solution.  

Remember... this is all done by volunteers; and thanks to the support of our National Partners you don't have to pay a cent!

Why work with us?

Since 2011 we've gathered over 500 hackers and helped over 80 charities and community groups.
Now it's your turn to become part of the RHoK community.

How we RHoK

We value meaningful collaboration with organisations and volunteer hackers. Rather than providing software development as a service, we prefer to take our changemakers on a journey – from understanding business problems and technology barriers, to brainstorming with hackers, to co-developing solutions. Our hackathons are scheduled according to a 6–monthly cycle, and collaboration with changemakers begins roughly  8–weeks prior to the hackathon. During that period we also run a small number of lead-up events to ensure maximum benefit to changemakers and their organisations. 


After the hackathon we encourage changemakers to keep RHoLL-ing with their teams. While a lot can be achieved in a 48 hour hackathon, most changemakers have multiple problems that need solving. At RHoK Australia we believe in solutions that can make a significant impact and are sustainable in the long-term. We encourage our changemakers to keep working with their hacker teams, typically every six weeks or as needed, to continue working on individual projects. This is where the real nuts and bolts happen. At RHoK Australia we pride ourselves on finishing what we start, and this is something that sets us apart from other hackathons.

What makes a great Changemaker?

A clear vision of what your problem is – not just what you think the solution might be!
A willingness to commit to the team that RHOK brings together and to share your enthusiasm and vision with them.
An ability to listen to the expertise that will surround you, a willingness to learn, and to be to open to potential solutions.
To bring with you the right people from your organisation to implement the solution that is developed.
Great connection with the users of your solution, and be able to get them involved too.

When & where is the next hack?


The Application Process

Applying is easy! Just fill out the application form below, describing the challenge you're trying to solve. Our Steering Committee meets to consider whether the challenge is one we can help you with. Applications will be evaluated as they are received and we will aim to notify you within 2–4 weeks.

If your application is successful we will start working closely with you to make sure the scope of your problem is well defined, and to ensure that you get the most out of the hack weekend. The most successful projects are a collaboration between you the changemaker, and your team of talented hackers. During the hackathon weekend we will support this process and help you develop a solution to your problem.

I've worked with RHoK before.
Can I apply again?

Yes! We love working with veteran changemakers, whether it's to begin the next phase of an existing problem,  or to address an entirely different one. Some of our most successful projects have been from return changemakers who are committed to solving their problem and producing long-term sustainable change. So go ahead, hit that button and apply! Our veteran changemakers include Berry Street, ACD, and Care to Compare,