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Hackers are the lifeblood of RHoK. Without our RHoK stars nothing would get done.

Hackathons are great petri dishes of learning. You meet extremely talented people with different skills and get to watch how they work. You learn how fast an experienced programmer can build a product from scratch, and what pivot/iterate/MVP really mean ...and you get a chance to make a real difference.
— Victoria Cullen, Hack4Good

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Tech for Social Good

RHoK Australia relies on the support of our volunteer hackers. Since 2011 we've gathered over 500 hackers and helped over 100 organisations find tech enabled solutions to pressing social problems.

We are widely acknowledged in Australia as one of the pioneers in this space. Our unique combination of hackathons and smaller follow up events ensure that we get our solutions across the finish line and positively impact the wider community.

Here are just a few of the charities, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and community groups we’ve worked with.


How we Hack



RHoK Australia runs weekend hackathons in summer and winter every year. These happen simultaneously in five different locations across Australia. Over the course of 48 hours, teams assemble around our changemakers to work fast and furious, have fun, and create real social impact. It's an opportunity to work in a collaborative environment to help create innovative technology solutions to social problems. 





At RHoK Australia we finish what we start. We want to come up with solutions that are actually used by the wider community. So, during the year we run what are known as RHoLLs, where our changemakers get together with our hackers to continue working on individual projects. This is where the real nuts and bolts happen. We pride ourselves on finishing what we start, and this is something that sets us apart from other hackathons.

What can RHoK do for me?

RHoK can connect you with our "changemakers" people doing great stuff in the community. We provide an environment where problem solving and experimentation is encouraged. We help you keep the juices flowing with coffee, snacks, pizza and drinks. Expect to leave a Random hacks if Kindness hackathon weekend with stories, memories and friendships that last long after the weekend ends, and project experience to add to your portfolio.

Am I eligible?

Contrary to popular belief, hackers aren't hoodie-wearing, motorbike-riding anarchists hell bent on bringing down the system. In fact, the word 'hack' in technology circles is more often used to describe a way of coming up with a creative solution to a tricky problem. That means you can hack software, hardware, a car, radio, a website, or even food. At RHoK we use technology to 'hack' social problems, which means we need a wide range of skills.


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