Become a RHoK Star


Become a RHoK Star

Become a RHoK Star!

Hackers are the lifeblood of RHoK. Without our RHoK stars nothing would get done.

Hackathons are great petri dishes of learning. You meet extremely talented people with different skills and get to watch how they work. You learn how fast an experienced programmer can build a product from scratch, and what pivot/iterate/MVP really mean ...and you get a chance to make a real difference.
— Victoria Cullen, Hack4Good


Where & when is the next hack?

If you'd like to find out more then click your location to see photos from past hackathons and learn about past projects.
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Why hack with us?

Over the past four years we've gathered over 500 hackers and helped over 80 charities and community groups.
Now it's your turn to become part of the RHoK community.


Plus, we have a tonne of fun!

How we RHoK & RHoLL

We value meaningful collaboration with organisations and volunteer hackers. Rather than providing software development as a service, we prefer to take our hackers & changemakers on a journey – from understanding business problems and technology barriers, to brainstorming with hackers, to co-developing solutions. 



After the hackathon we encourage hackers to keep RHoLL–ing with their teams. While a lot can be achieved in a 48 hour hackathon, most changemakers have multiple problems that need solving. At RHoK Australia we believe in solutions that can make a significant impact and sustainable in the longterm. We encourage our changemakers to keep working with their hacker teams  –typically every six weeks or as needed, to continue working on individual projects. This is where the real nuts and bolts happen.
At RHoK Australia we pride ourselves on finishing what we start, and this is something that sets us apart from other hackathons.


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What can RHoK do for me?

RHoK can connect you with our "changemakers" people doing great stuff in the community. We provide an environment where problem solving and experimentation is encouraged. We help you keep the juices flowing with coffee, snacks, pizza and drinks. Expect to leave a Random hacks if Kindness hackathon weekend with stories, memories and friendships that last long after the weekend ends, and project experience to add to your portfolio.

What can I expect?

Am I eligible?

Contrary to popular belief, hackers aren't hoodie-wearing, motorbike-riding anarchists hell bent on bringing down the system. In fact, the word 'hack' in technology circles is more often used to describe a way of coming up with a creative solution to a tricky problem. That means you can hack software, hardware, a car, radio, a website, or even food. At RHoK we use technology to 'hack' social problems, which means we need a wide range of skills. Including...

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