We are part of a global community of technologists, hacking for social change.

RHoK Australia runs twice yearly hackathons in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. We work with social entrepreneurs, charities, and non-profits, to help solve challenges facing society. Over 48 hours our volunteer hackers, technologists, designers, and creative thinkers co-develop solutions that may not otherwise be realised.

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Upcoming Events.

Twice a year RHoK Australia runs weekend-long Winter and Summer hackathons in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Brisbane Summer Hackathon



Melbourne Summer Hackathon

Sat 30th November & Sun 1st December, 2019

Our Community House

Sydney Summer Hackathon

Sat 30th November & Sun 1st December, 2019


Who we work with.

Since 2011 we've gathered over 500 hackers and helped over 100 organisations find tech enabled solutions to pressing social problems.

We are widely acknowledged in Australia as one of the pioneers in this space. Our unique combination of hackathons and smaller follow up events ensure that we get our solutions across the finish line and positively impact the wider community.

We work with charities, not-for-profit organisations in the social sector, as well as social entrepreneurs making a positive impact on society. Previous changemakers include ygap and SheStarts alumni.


Help us create
Tech for Social Good.

RHoK Australia relies on the the support of our volunteer organisers and hackers. There are many ways you can help us make a difference.

Become a RHoK Changemaker

Are you a charity, community group, or social entrepreneur with a problem that could be solved with technology, design, or business support? We may be able to help.

Become a
RHoK Star

Over the course of 48 hours, our diverse teams of hackers assemble around our changemakers to work fast and furious, have fun, and create real social impact.

Help us
help others

Are you a socially conscious organisation looking to help create positive social impact? Find out how you can help us help others.

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Our Partners

We would like to welcome Our Community into the RHoK family as our newest Regional Partner.


Farewell & Thank-you

We would like to thank DiUS for their generous support over the past 8 years. As our longest National Partner, DiUS have been instrumental in helping Random Hacks of Kindness Australia to become the largest and most sustainable of RHoK’s global communities.

They don't just talk about tech for good, they put their money where their mouth is and the work we’ve done just wouldn't be possible without their support and financial contributions.

We chose to join RHoK because we wanted to give back to the communities in a which we live. Unexpectedly, we also found value in opportunities to connect with like-minded people with varied skills, and from diverse organisations.
— Daryl Wilding-McBride, CTO DiUS Computing

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Join one of our Meetup groups in Melbourne, Bendigo, Sydney, Western Sydney, and Brisbane to make sure you keep up with individual events in your city.