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Who: Benjam

When: December 2014 & June 2015

Where: Sydney

Code (iPad):

Code (Demo):

Project Benjam has the goal of helping kids with autistic spectrum disorder live more independently and with more confidence. They're focusing on helping non-verbal kids to communicate with anyone: to both understand and to be understood. Their first prototype app is aimed at helping kids and their carers communicate with the aid of a tablet-optimised web app. For autistic kids who are still non-verbal, Benjam is an assistive communications app that allows kids to ask for things in their terms. Unlike incumbents, their product will allow kids and their carers to create new content easily.

Project Benjam has worked with RHoK from the very beginning. Over the course of two hackathons and a number of RHoLLs (smaller events where we continue working on projects) they've come a long way. 

Apps 4 Autism

Who: Apps 4 Autism

When: June 2015

Where: Melbourne



The aim of Apps for Autism is to develop a set of smartphone apps to help children with High Functioning Autism to cope with the world around them and prepare for their post-secondary life. Apps are to assist the child develop their communication skills, overcome learning difficulties and improve their socialization. The apps will also utilize APIs to allow a central "dashboard", where parents, teachers and therapists invalid in the child's care can monitor how the child's skills are developing, and can also chat with each other to share notes on progress and issues.

With the help of the RHoK community, Apps 4 Autism developed a prototype app designed to help children with high functioning autism navigate everyday situations such as going to the movies or driving. They worked in tandem with a group of therapists who specialize in working with children on the Autism Spectrum.