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Accessible Australia

Who: Accessible Australia

When: Winter 2016

Where: Sydney

TripClusive helps people with a disability travel with confidence, autonomy and peace of mind. We do this primarily through a web-based platform where users can filter tourism venues and attractions, based on their type of disability. Using updated information, this saves people with a disability and their support people, time, money and energy. The platform additionally acts as a community and a portal for businesses to update their own information and as an accessible tourism resource.

Currently, after our first RHoK, we are working on a web and mobile prototype which will be based purely for people with a physical disability in NSW through RHoLLs and potentially another hack. Random Hacks of Kindness has been instrumental in getting TripClusive to where it's at today.

The RHoK team and the incredible group of volunteers who showed up were not only incredibly supportive of our idea but also were fantastic during the weekend and beyond helping us to turn our idea into a reality. 

Changing Places

Who: Changing Places

When: June 2016

Where: Melbourne

Changing Places advocates for toilets with full sized change tables and hoists in public spaces around Australia to meet the needs of people with severe and profound disabilities.

Back for his second hackathon, Changing Place’s founder, Eddie, hoped to redevelop his organisation’s website to collect feedback from users about current toilets and to ask them where future facilities should be placed. Committed to finishing what had already been started at the previous hack, Eddie’s team successfully built two feedback tools: one on their website and another using Facebook and Twitter.

With this new information, Changing Places can better advocate for fully accessible toilets around Australia.

After the hackathon we were stoked to welcome Eddie onto the RHoK Melbourne Steering Committee. 


Who: Life Assist

When: December 2014

Where: Melbourne



Life Assist is a disability services charity helping over 4000 people annually through government-funded programs and countless more through either referral or self-funded services. They operate as part of the wider UnitingCare Australia network which provides social services to over 2 million people each year in 1,600 sites in remote, rural and metropolitan Australia.

At the Melbourne Summer 2014 Hackathon a team formed to develop a client feedback application for them. The idea was to allow their clients (who get far too many surveys) to be able to tell them how they're doing easily yet effectivey. The project has since been adopted by some other people working in the disability sector who are keen to try and roll it out to a wide range of organisations. Here's a blog post by the changemaker, Eddie, about his experience. 


Who: Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Drivers' Association

When: December 2014

Where: Melbourne


The Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Drivers' Association (WATDA) works with the disability services sector through the operation of wheelchair accessible taxis. Many of their drivers come from the Horn of Africa, and are struggling with the lack of regular jobs, long working hours, and lack of basic amenities like insurance work cover and superannuation. WATDA wants to connect taxi drivers with disability services to ensure better and faster service. This has the twin benefit of improving working conditions for drivers at the same time as reduce the waiting times for disabled people needing taxis. 
They worked with RHoK at the Melbourne Summer 2014 Hackathon to build a standalone app that could help coordinate drivers. However that proved to be too ambitious, so we switched to trying to improve their website so that potential customers can easily get hold of drivers. They're now looking to build an automated booking service that will tell drivers where their next client is.