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Empower PaRramatta

Who: Empower Parramatta

When: Winter 2016

Where: Western Sydney

Community-driven solar power brings exciting possibilities to generate low-cost renewable energy in the city. However it also brings challenges, particularly  for many of the apartment complexes that are spreading through Parramatta and other urban corridors in Western Sydney. Is there another way?

Empower Parramatta was looking to raise awareness of community solar, plus develop a business model and technical proof-of-concept for a peer-to-peer decentralised energy network, targeting apartment blocks that currently have little incentive to invest in solar (distribution among different unit owners etc). 

The team brainstormed a proposal for peer-to-peer energy distribution from solar panels, so that users in e.g. apartment blocks don't have to use power companies as brokers if they want to share generated power with their neighbours. 

Ethical Switch

Who: Ethical Switch

When: June 2014

Where: Melbourne



Ethical Switch is a consumer based organisation which aims to make positive change simply by modifying consumer spending habits. They research the most ethical companies, display the information for you to easily read, and offer quick and simple switches. The profits go to their charity partners - every time somebody makes a switch, they donate.

Tamlyn Rudolph, the founder, came up with the idea after being asked at functions which was the least harmful energy provider. She recognised that Australians spend around $40 billion annually on household bills, but are often directing money to companies whose activities don’t align with their personal values. At the Melbourne Winter Hackathon in 2014 Tamlyn worked with RHoK to develop the idea, branding and initial proof of concept. The project launched soon afterwards, in July 2014. It's going from strength to strength - in the next few months they will be launching ethical banking and offering a switch for that too.

My Carbon Capture

Who: My Carbon Capture

When: December 2013

Where: Melbourne



WithOneSeed encourages citizens, schools and business to take responsibility for the impact of their computer use on the environment. Carbon emissions from global computer usage (approx. 3.6%) are nearly at the same level as carbon emissions from the global aviation industry (approx. 4%). At the Summer 2013 Hackathon, we helped them develop MyCarbonCapture. It's an online Offset Calculator that a) keeps track of data usage of mobile phones, tablets and other computer devices, b) calculates the C02 emissions generated by the data usage and c) encourages people to take action to offset the cost of their computer device emissions.

All funds donated to the WithOneSeed Computer Offset Program go to planting and maintaining trees in reforestation projects in subsistence communities in Timor Leste.

The People’s Solar

Who: The People's Solar

When: June 2014

Where: Melbourne


The People’s Solar is a platform for delivering community-owned solar power. They are passionate about delivering social impact and positive outcomes for communities, with a focus on solar projects that address social inequality by creating opportunity, and that address food security concerns through capacity building. They love the local, clean energy economy, and want you to be part of it.

At the 2014 Melbourne Winter Hackathon they worked with RHoK to develop a prototype iPad application that could be used in schools and community centres to demonstrate energy savings from solar panels. The app was designed to be user friendly for kids aged 5 and above, and to help them understand how solar energy helped make the planet a better place.