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Empower PaRramatta

Who: Empower Parramatta

When: Winter 2016

Where: Western Sydney

Community-driven solar power brings exciting possibilities to generate low-cost renewable energy in the city. However it also brings challenges, particularly  for many of the apartment complexes that are spreading through Parramatta and other urban corridors in Western Sydney. Is there another way?

Empower Parramatta was looking to raise awareness of community solar, plus develop a business model and technical proof-of-concept for a peer-to-peer decentralised energy network, targeting apartment blocks that currently have little incentive to invest in solar (distribution among different unit owners etc). 

The team brainstormed a proposal for peer-to-peer energy distribution from solar panels, so that users in e.g. apartment blocks don't have to use power companies as brokers if they want to share generated power with their neighbours. 


Who: Ocius

When: December 2014

Where: Sydney



Ocius is a multi-award winning Australian marine research and technology company, working in conjunction with University of Wollongong and NSW's Steber International to deploy a fully autonomous unmanned surface vessel (USV) drone - called a BlueBottle. This drone lives at sea in all conditions using the energy on the ocean i.e. the wind, sun and waves to power itself and its sensors.

During the Sydney Summer 2014 Hackathon, the team led by Robert Dane (check out a profile we did of him) and Ninan Mathew, focused on making use of the sensor data that is collected by satellite communications. They developed a proof of concept website, UX flow and data management system so that different user groups could easily download or interact with the data being produced by the vessel. The work done by RHoK will be used to visualise data generated for the drone's maiden voyage around Lord Howe island.

Volunteer Impact

Who: Volunteer Impact

When: June 2016

Where: Melbourne

Volunteer Impact is helping environmental restoration projects create great impact stories from their data, so that they can get more funding and better engage their volunteers.

Sam, Volunteer Impact’s founder, choose to focus on a proof of concept while at RHoK. He wanted to demonstrate a way for environmental groups to record, sort and visualize their data. A group of RHoK volunteers rallied to his cause and successfully created the database tools that will allow these groups to capture and store their valuable data.

Rising to the challenge of presenting a working prototype, Sam’s team pushed themselves to take the first steps towards visualizing this data.

Australia for Dolphins

Who: Australia for Dolphins

When: June 2016

Where: Melbourne


Australia for Dolphins are dedicated to stopping cruelty against dolphins and gaining legal protection for them. Having introduced a Bill to the New South Wales Parliament along with a petition of over 100,000 signatures, Sarah came to RHoK looking for a better way for her organisation to communicate public support for the bill to policymakers. Sarah’s small team of just three RHoKstars built an online video petition website that allows the public to create a short video to express their support for the bill. In the lead up to the vote, Sarah hopes this evocative solution will be the difference between a yes and a no vote.

Meet the New Joneses

Who: Meet the New Joneses

When: June 2015

Where: Melbourne


The New Joneses is a sustainability initiative to show everyday people how sustainable living can be both cool and easy. Each year, as part of the Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival, they put up an eco-cool, pop-up home that maximizes resources & minimise waste. Members of the public have an opportunity to see inside The New Joneses’ house, meet people living like The New Joneses and ask questions about how to live more fun, less wasteful lives.

At the Melbourne 2015 Winter Hackathon, a group of hackers helped changemaker Tamara DiMattina develop a new customer relationship management system. This was in response to one of her main problems - tracking and keeping in touch with visitors to the house so she could report back to sponsors. Tamara has subsequently taken the lessons she learned at the hackathon and incorporated them for the next Meet the New Joneses happening in early 2016. 

My Carbon Capture

Who: My Carbon Capture

When: December 2013

Where: Melbourne



WithOneSeed encourages citizens, schools and business to take responsibility for the impact of their computer use on the environment. Carbon emissions from global computer usage (approx. 3.6%) are nearly at the same level as carbon emissions from the global aviation industry (approx. 4%). At the Summer 2013 Hackathon, we helped them develop MyCarbonCapture. It's an online Offset Calculator that a) keeps track of data usage of mobile phones, tablets and other computer devices, b) calculates the C02 emissions generated by the data usage and c) encourages people to take action to offset the cost of their computer device emissions.

All funds donated to the WithOneSeed Computer Offset Program go to planting and maintaining trees in reforestation projects in subsistence communities in Timor Leste.

Thin Green Line

Who: The Thin Green Line

When: December 2014

Where: Melbourne



The Thin Green Line Foundation is the world’s only charity solely dedicated to protecting endangered species and threatened ecosystems by supporting park rangers. They provide park rangers with essential anti-poaching equipment and training to assist them in patrolling on the front-line of conservation. They also provide financial support to the widows and orphans of park rangers killed in the line of duty. Their support is focused on rangers in developing regions, conflict zones and indigenous rangers in Australia and abroad.

They initially approached RHoK to develop a geolocation app to help monitor hotspots and trouble areas for rangers. However, as a result of exploring their key challenges in greater detail, at the 2014 Summer Hackathon we ended up helping them creating a training resource for rangers instead.