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Responsible Cafes

Who: Responsible Cafes

When: Summer 2015

Where: Sydney



The Responsible Cafes Program aims to build a community of Responsible Cafes and Responsible Consumers, with a common goal of reducing single-use waste. The initial priority is to reduce the more than 1 billion single-use coffee cups and lids that get wasted in Australia every year. Following that, we will encourage and assist the community in upgrading their sustainability practices in areas as diverse as replacing single-use straws and packaging, composting and waste reduction, renewable energy and responsible finance. 

After considering how we could maximise the impact of the Responsible Cafes Program and streamline the user and administrative experience, our amazing team spent a large portion of the hackathon developing a slick member signup and member cafe profile framework that will really showcase all the wonderful cafes out there who are helping to curb single-use waste. This framework will also allow for the ongoing collection of waste reduction data so that we can track waste reductions over time. This is still a work in progress for RHoLL's and hopefully subsequent RHoK's. In addition, we were able to put some great pieces of work straight into production with an extensive FAQ section and blog added to our existing website, as well as some cosmetic changes to improve the UX. 

Ethical Switch

Who: Ethical Switch

When: June 2014

Where: Melbourne



Ethical Switch is a consumer based organisation which aims to make positive change simply by modifying consumer spending habits. They research the most ethical companies, display the information for you to easily read, and offer quick and simple switches. The profits go to their charity partners - every time somebody makes a switch, they donate.

Tamlyn Rudolph, the founder, came up with the idea after being asked at functions which was the least harmful energy provider. She recognised that Australians spend around $40 billion annually on household bills, but are often directing money to companies whose activities don’t align with their personal values. At the Melbourne Winter Hackathon in 2014 Tamlyn worked with RHoK to develop the idea, branding and initial proof of concept. The project launched soon afterwards, in July 2014. It's going from strength to strength - in the next few months they will be launching ethical banking and offering a switch for that too.