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Arthritis Queensland

Who: Arthritis Queensland

When: Summer 2015

Where: Brisbane

Existing Code:

RHoK helped AQ develop a tool called AQDA which allows GPs to more easily identify a dangerous form of inflammatory arthritis. Through consultations with GPs and specialist rheumatologists, they identified that the tool needed to be simple and effectively used in under 10mins. The AQDA asks a few quick questions about the patient’s history and symptoms and determines the likelihood the patient has inflammatory arthritis. The tool also provides the GP and patient with information resources and referral pathways. 

At the Brisbane Summer Hackathon 2015, the team were able to develop functioning and marketable MVP. The MVP works through four example questions then lands on a page in which it states the likely nature of the disease (inflammatory or  not) and lists specific conditions warranting further investigation.  By clicking on a condition listed, the MVP re-directs the user to our information sheets on each condition. There is also a button called “patient resources” which links to a library of patient education material. The “generate referral” button opens up a mock data base of specialists. Once a specialist is chosen, a word document is opened containing a blank referral template, which in the final product will be populated by the information provided by the questions.

Thanks to RHoK, Arthritis Queensland is now able to use the MVP to seek funding for the full product, with the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of people newly diagnosed with arthritis

Watch Me Grow

Who: Watch Me Grow

When: Summer 2015

Where: Sydney

Existing code:


Developmental and behavioural difficulties presenting in early childhood pose a significant disease burden with lifelong consequences. In this regard, 20 to 25% of children at start of school are “developmentally vulnerable"". The goal of Watch Me Grow is to give every child (in NSW initially and then across Australia) the opportunity for early identification. Capitalising on the high uptake of the immunization program, we hope to provide a simple and effective tool to GPs and other health professionals to do developmental checks during vaccination visits.

At the RHoK Summer 2015 Hackathon we were able to design a demo web app to be used using a link to trial initially as a research project enabling parents and GPs to use the webapp with the aim of identifying those children who display “red flags” based on parental concerns and then be guided through the correct pathway using standardised tools and an algorithm for further assessments and referrals. This diagnostic app will have a significant impact as early identification and intervention significantly improves the outcomes for both children and their families.