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Small Connect

Who: Small Connect

When: Summer 2015

Where: Sydney



Connecting young people to the community using free services available. The app is design to locate these services within the target area that young people want. The aim is to improve access and support for young people. To increase community participation and engagement within the community. 

"Small" has a metaphoric meaning. It means community and not-for-profit organisation. Small organisations make a huge impact in the community. Using the theme 'small' and ' connect' we wanted to use small services and put them together to make a huge impact. 

The hackathon was a great experience. Steve my partner in crime on developing Small Connect has been great and continues to be that. We kept everything simple and realistic based on the amount of time we had. We worked on the time-frame. discuss openly what our objectives were and made sure that the app is accessible to everyone, not just young people.


Who: i-Hive

When: June 2015

Where: Sydney


i-Hive is an amalgam of two projects that joined forces at the Sydney Winter 2015 Hackathon. 'iDiversity' provided a one-stop interactive directory of services in the community; while 'The Hive' sought to develop an easy-to-use app to enable residents of Mt Druitt to navigate their service system. Realising their projects had similar needs, they combined the talents of a group of amazing volunteers to make the best use of time and expertise which could benefit both groups of users.

At the hackathon, the team developed the back-end of the system and sketched out how the front-end might work. They've subsequently done a RHoLL where they discussed next steps, resources and a rough timeline to develop the front-end and user interface, connect the front-end to the backend, create a prototype and prospectively launch by the end of 2015!