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Our Values

We look for National Partners
and local sponsors who share
our values.

#1 We value
REAL Collaboration

Rather than providing software development as a service, we prefer to take our social changemakers on a journey, from understanding business problems and technological barriers, to brainstorming with hackers, to co-developing solutions. Collaboration with begins roughly 8 weeks prior to the hackathon. During that period we also run Changemaker 101, a ‘tech for non-tech’ lead-up event to up-skill and educate our changemakers about software development, design, and decision making processes. Think Agile methologies and frameworks (e.g. Lean), concepts such as problem statements, MVPs, rapid prototyping, pivoting, and the value of user-centred and inclusive design.

#2 we valUe
DIVERSITY & Inclusion

At RHoK Australia we are trying hard to create a diverse community of changemakers and volunteers. We try to make our events as diverse and inclusive as we can by catering to a variety of needs (accessible venues, dietary requirements, quiet spaces, prayer rooms etc.). We take our RHoK Code of Conduct seriously. We also reach out to underrepresented participants through various meet-up groups and our own networks. Accessible, inclusive design is important, and we encourage our changemakers to think carefully about the people they are helping, and to invite end-users to join them in their RHoK journey.

#3 we are open by design

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We don’t help people build proprietary software. We value open development so that other charities, non-profits, and social entrepreneurs can make use of our solutions. We make everything available on the RHoK Australia GitHub repository.


After the hackathon we encourage changemakers to keep RHoLL-ing with their teams. While a lot can be achieved in a 48 hour hackathon, most changemakers have multiple problems that need solving. At RHoK Australia we believe in solutions that can make a significant impact and are sustainable in the long-term. We encourage our changemakers to keep working with their hacker teams, typically every six weeks or as needed, to continue working on individual projects.

Farewell & Thank-you

We would like to thank DiUS for their generous support over the past 8 years. As our longest National Partner DiUS have been instrumental in helping Random Hacks of Kindness Australia to become the largest and most sustainable of RHoK’s global communities.

They don't just talk about tech for good, they put their money where their mouth is and the work we’ve done just wouldn't be possible without their support and financial contributions.

We chose to join RHoK because we wanted to give back to the communities in a which we live. Unexpectedly, we also found value in opportunities to connect with like-minded people with varied skills, and from diverse organisations.
— Daryl Wilding-McBride, CTO DiUS Computing

Past Sponsors
& Event Hosts

Since 2011 Random Hacks of Kindness has benefitted from sponsorship and support from a diverse range of organisations including universities, businesses, technology companies, and co-working spaces. Thank-you for helping us create tech for social good.


Aconex (National)

Amazon Web Services

base2 services

Coliban Water (Regional)


Commonwealth Bank Place

DiUS (National)

Fire Station 101

General Assembly

Intrepid Travel

isentia (National)

La Trobe University

Money Me

myob (National)

Net Engine

Our Community House (Regional)

REA Group (National)

Swinburne University of Technology

University of Queensland

Zendesk (National)